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Well, You Know

Friday, June 10th, 2011

This song is definitely going on my next album…probably minus the slightly off-kilter conga! Lyrics posted below.


Brand new companion

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011


Got this fine Martin guitar in late August and it’s on a lot of the songs recorded since. Great quality, tone and vibe!

Sign of life

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Didn’t actually disappear off the face of the earth… But 11 months ago yours truly took on the very serious business of fatherhood – a most wonderful little girl. A strong-willed & very high-maintenance young lady too, though, already showing a burning interest in (brutally beating on!) dad’s guitars.

Been keeping musically busy too, writing, rehearsing and recording tracks for a new album that hopefully should be out this year. Got a couple more to do before selecting the songs that will go on the album (just tracked two brand new ones the other night).

Lastly, 2011 should see a return to increased live-activity on my part.


On the radio

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

On Thursday, June 24th (21.00 CET), Mindflower, Thorn is featured on the Dutch radio show Good No(i)se on the Dutch Meerradio (folk, blues, Americana, singer-songwriter, etc). Playlist looks good, so check it out!

Austrian radio station Radio B138 has also done a really good, substantial presentation with two songs. You can listen to the show “Unerhört – Volume 37″ if you click here!


Article in “Akustik Gitarre”

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

“Besides blues and ragtime, Meisters songs stand in the tradition of fine fingerstyle folk tunes in the vein of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt. The lyrics draw their inspiration from authors like T. S. Eliot and Jack Kerouac.”

Read the whole article by Stefan Woldach aptly titled “Blues, Bleibendes und Stacheldraht” featured in the “New Scene”-section of German magazine “Akustik Gitarre” (just click on the magazine name below):

Akustik Gitarre 6:09 (pdf)


Review: Rootstime

Monday, November 30th, 2009

“A. P. Meister doesn’t need much more than his rough deep voice and an acoustic guitar to convince us. Few people come so close to the sombre greatness of Tom Waits when it comes to composition and atmosphere. But he is more than that. You’ll get great pleasure from this album in front of the fireplace these chilly autumn days, in fact, the whole album is like a warm bluesy rootsy embrace.”


Read the whole review by Blowfish in Dutch on Rootstime here (or click the Review link to the right) or go to the Press section on my website for a translation into English!

Review: Lira

Friday, September 18th, 2009

“Singer/songwriter. Man kan ta den lätta vägen, man kan ta den svåra, eller så traskar man bara rakt ut i skogen utan att se sig om. Det är det som är så sympatiskt med den här forne Fat City Blues-gitarristens solodebut; han följer inga förutbestämda stigar.
Om musiken kan sägas vingla runt i folk-, singer/songwriter- och rentav countrykvarter ligger bluesen alltid vibrerande strax därunder. Som grundton, inte som lag. Och han ger sig lika gärna ut i drömska, nästan psykedeliska landskap.
Det är suggestivt och förbaskat vackert. Trots att mörka moln tornar upp i horisonten och trots att den ruffiga rösten, som inte tycks ha upplevt dagsljus på ett tag, mässar texter mättade med poesi och pessimism. Tacksamt nog lättas det upp av slirigt luftiga slideslingor och sommarspröd akustik. Det är som att gå vilse i den där täta skogen men hitta en ljus glänta.
Det är mycket gitarr, men aldrig bara för sakens skull. Aldrig i något ekvilibristiskt försök att skriva någon på näsan. Nog för att han vet hur man fingerplockar en sexsträngad låda – Meister har säkert studerat mästarna – men han låter tekniken bli ett redskap, ett hjälpmedel för något större. Jag är glad att jag fått skymta det.”

Johan Kronquist/Lira Musikmagasin


And in English…

Singer/songwriter. You can take the easy way, you can take the hard way, or you can just walk straight out into the woods without looking back. That’s what’s so appealing about this former Fat City Blues guitarist’s solo debut: he doesn’t follow any well-trodden paths.
Though the music might be said to straddle the lines between folk-, singer/songwriter and even country influences, the blues is always there like a vibration just beneath the surface. Like a basic tone, not some formal law. And he’s just as likely to head into dreamlike, almost psychedelic landscapes.
It’s evocative and damn beautiful. Even though dark clouds are on the horizon and even though the rough voice – which doesn’t seem to have seen daylight in a while – delivers lyrics saturated with poetry and pessimism. Thankfully things are lightened up by slippery airy slide-parts and a delicate acoustic sound. It’s like getting lost in that dense forest and suddenly seeing the light of a clearing.
There is a lot of guitar, but never just for the sake of it. Never in any equilibristic attempt to ram anything down anybody’s throat. He certainly knows how to pick a box with strings on it – Meister has probably studied the masters – but he uses technique as a tool, as a means to achieve something bigger. I’m glad I got a glimpse of it.”

Johan Kronquist, Lira Musikmagasin

If you want to read the review online at Lira, click here (or click the Review link to the right)

First post

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

I’m currently in the process of writing and recording new material for the upcoming album ”Mindflower, Thorn”, with a preliminary release date in Spring 2009. Recording sessions are taking place intermittently at Basement Audio System in Stockholm. Working in the informal atmosphere of this small basement studio gives the recordings that special live touch, sound engineer JoE has time and again proven his skills and this co-operation has brought to life an intimate, laid-back sound. We are sometimes joined in the underground by Ebba Dagdotter (add vocals), whose sweet, warm voice can be heard on a few of the songs.

I’ve always believed in a combination of preparation and improvisation, and the pieces usually fall into place during the recording sessions – sometimes to my own surpise and definitely not always according to plan. Mindflower, Thorn marks a turning-point for me in several ways. The setting is acoustic and I’m singing for the first time in my musical career, whereas I’ve focused solely on the guitar in the past. If you are interested in listening to some pre-production outtakes, you’ll find them on MySpace, where you can also communicate with me and post your comments!