The Loner

Back to work on the next solo A.P. Meister release. Here’s another work in progress…


When the lion lies down
Next to the sleeping lamb
and if the devil could die
Just slip right out of time
All those years on your own
Now you’re here, then you’re gone
Your life reads like a sad song
You just turned 44

Guess something was wrong
Guess you knew all along
That ghost-riders haunt
Our every waking hour
Can’t raise poor Lazarus
Can’t shake off this dream
Life can feel like a shallow grave
You just made 44

Still the trees did sing in your every childhood dream
And the shadows and lies just wash from your eyes
There’s forbidden fruit, there’s poison in the well
You’ll see beginnings and things that end

Sweet gilded cage
God damn that golden age
Those were the days, you say
What became of you and me?
A change in the weather and a change of plans
Fickle fortunes and changes of heart
You’re but an actor, now play your part
Like you’ve seen it all at 44

© AP Meister 2015

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