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Review: Rootstime

Monday, November 30th, 2009

“A. P. Meister doesn’t need much more than his rough deep voice and an acoustic guitar to convince us. Few people come so close to the sombre greatness of Tom Waits when it comes to composition and atmosphere. But he is more than that. You’ll get great pleasure from this album in front of the fireplace these chilly autumn days, in fact, the whole album is like a warm bluesy rootsy embrace.”


Read the whole review by Blowfish in Dutch on Rootstime here (or click the Review link to the right) or go to the Press section on my website for a translation into English!

Review: Folker

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

“Musically, A. P. Meister presents himself as a folk musician in “Beggars and Kings” or “Sycamore Street”, delivers acoustic blues in “The Company of Snakes” and conjures up a sometimes desolate, sometimes morbidly dreamlike atmosphere in songs like “Nightsong” or “Wonderland. “Slow Burn”, with its distorted electric guitar and acoustic slide, and also the melancholy “Lost At Sea” are grandiose, simple and expressive at the same time (…) The right music for night-time drives through rain and fog, “idle” Sunday afternoons or staying up all night out on the porch.”

Read the whole review by Achim Hennes in German on Folker here (or click the Review link to the right)!