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First post

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

I’m currently in the process of writing and recording new material for the upcoming album ”Mindflower, Thorn”, with a preliminary release date in Spring 2009. Recording sessions are taking place intermittently at Basement Audio System in Stockholm. Working in the informal atmosphere of this small basement studio gives the recordings that special live touch, sound engineer JoE has time and again proven his skills and this co-operation has brought to life an intimate, laid-back sound. We are sometimes joined in the underground by Ebba Dagdotter (add vocals), whose sweet, warm voice can be heard on a few of the songs.

I’ve always believed in a combination of preparation and improvisation, and the pieces usually fall into place during the recording sessions – sometimes to my own surpise and definitely not always according to plan. Mindflower, Thorn marks a turning-point for me in several ways. The setting is acoustic and I’m singing for the first time in my musical career, whereas I’ve focused solely on the guitar in the past. If you are interested in listening to some pre-production outtakes, you’ll find them on MySpace, where you can also communicate with me and post your comments!