Got this Guild F-30 as a wonderful gift. So glad I could lay my hands on a New Hartford-made Guild before that shop sadly (and probably unwisely) was shut down.No bling, all tone and playability. Awesome for recording as well as live. It has a K&K Pure Mini installed. For my needs this is pretty much the perfect guitar!

This no frills straight-braced Martin D-18 has been my main guitar for live use since 2012. Didn't get along with it at first, but that's all changed now - you just have to work a dread a little harder. I'ts fitted with a K&K Pure Mini.

I used this Martin 000-15 on every song on my last album, "Above & Below". It's simple and unadorned - but it's got a sweet singing tone, it's very dependable and I love it! I've fitted it with a K&K Pure Mini. Live I use a Headway preamp that works fantastic. The electric guitar used on "Above & Below is my Fender American Vintage '57 Strat through a Klon Centaur (alas, not mine) and a Fender amp.

If you want to hear the Martin 000-15 in action, click here!

This Guild was used for all the songs on my first album "Mindflower, Thorn". it's got a few dead spots and it takes an hour to tune. I use this one for slide-playing now and it remains special, at least to me.

And a couple of electrics, the black one being my No. 1 - an exceptionally sweet AVRI 57 with Suhr V63 pickups.

This is a vintage Levin, parlour-sized, that was built in the early 1900's. It is an excellent slide guitar - which is what I use it for exclusively - currently in the possession of Jo E at Basement Audio System.